Expert Advisor ONE TREND was developed by traders with a decade of experience in the FOREX market, and particular emphasis is placed on the pair EURUSD. The system follows the trend and adapts its abrupt change, thus protecting it from possible losses. We recommend using these parameters with an initial capital of $ 1000. If you want to try different settings, test them on a demo account.

In the future we will include new features that will make ONE TREND more cost-effective.


  1. LOTS – the initial size of the lot in accordance with the highest risk;
  2. MAXIMUM RISK – the coefficient that determines the maximum risk capital on each trade, a direct impact on the value of the lot;
  3. DECREASE FACTOR – factor for reducing lot in the case of a loss of the transaction;
  4. ALL POSITIONS = False – is used to control expert orders;
  5. PROFIT TRAILING = True – the activation of a trailing stop;
  6. TRAILING STOP – value to activate a trailing stop;
  7. TRAILING STEP – Trailing pitch gain value;
  8. STOP LOSS – stop-loss value;
  9. TAKE PROFIT – take profit value;
  10. MAGIC – tracking number for orders expert;

Use ONE TREND on the hourly chart with a pair EURUSD


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