EURUSD close to important levels of 1200 00 1285

EUR / USD: close to important levels of 1200.00, 1285.00


Speaking last week in Brussels, the President of the ECB
Mario Draghi acknowledged that, despite a number of incentives, ranging from
negative interest rates and ending the program of buying bonds
several trillion euros, the ECB’s efforts to “bring only insignificant
results”. Inflation remains significantly below the target level of the central
Bank set about 2%, and amounted to -0.1% last month.

As noted today, the ECB representative and head of the Bundesbank
Weidmann, ECB’s soft policy is appropriate, given the relatively weak outlook
prices, however, the side effects of super soft monetary policy
increase with time.

Nevertheless, the ECB intends to continue to keep interest
rate in Eurozone at the minimum levels even after QE program completion
The euro area.

Different directions of monetary policy in the US and
The euro area will continue to be the main factors, among others,
limiting any significant growth of the pair EUR / USD.

With the opening on Monday in the foreign exchange market trading day
observed multidirectional dollar dynamo. When paired with the pound dollar
rising against the background of the next UK public opinion polls in the light of the upcoming referendum
in this country, the other major currency pairs dollar it weakened.
The EUR / USD is also growing after two-day drop last week. But,
the pair EUR / USD mostly associated with the correction of the previous decline. Couple
It is still under pressure from fundamentals and weak macroeconomic
Eurozone indicators.

On the absence of significant news today, drivers
the positive dynamics of the pair EUR / USD, is likely to continue. However, on Tuesday
care must be taken when opening long positions in the pair. Despite
the fact that the probability of interest rate hikes in the US in June, aims to
to zero, investors will be prepared to
Fed meeting and the publication on Wednesday (18:00 GMT) the Fed’s decision on interest rates,
and traders to cut short positions on the US dollar.

EURUSD close to important levels of 1200 00 1285

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