Euro depreciates against most major currencies

Euro depreciates against most major currencies in the world

The euro decreases in the course of trading against most major currencies, including the dollar and the yen against the background of confounding expectations for data on business activity in the euro area.

However, the yen continues to strengthen thanks to data on foreign trade in Japan.

Euro to 15:57 MSK was worth $ 1.1203 versus $ 1.1224 at the close of the previous session in New York.

The single European currency fell this time to 122.64 yen compared with 123.63 yen on Friday.

Per dollar by 15:57 MSK gave 109.48 yen against 110.15 yen at the end of the last trading session.

Cost Japanese national currency in April averaged 111.23 yen / $ 1, which is 7.2% higher than for the previous month.

Meanwhile, the volatility of the pound sterling in tandem with the US dollar strengthened to a maximum per month (11.2%) as we approach the June referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Yuan on Monday rose to its highest level this month against a basket of currencies of China’s major trading partners. However, together with the dollar Yuan decreased by 0.08% in the auction in Shanghai – to 6.5543 yuan per $ 1.

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