Analysis of Orders History

Analysis of Orders History

Often need to analyze the history of opening and closing orders on your real or not real trading account, or to make screenshot from the terminal graph to see how trade is conducted by you or advisor for this and designed a utility “Analysis of Orders History“. The utility is looking for orders in the history of all orders with the magic number and displays the order to the terminal screen, prorisovyvaya history of opening and closing lines connecting them, it was clear and clearly visible. Red arrows indicate a Sell order, blue arrows indicate the orders Buy, green lines indicate the order closed with a profit, and the red lines indicate the order closed with a loss. After removal of the utility from the chart all the lines and arrows designated orders are removed by cleaning the screen for future use.

At the beginning of the use of the utility, enter magic number of your orders or enter 0, and then all the orders from the history of the account will be displayed on the terminal schedule.

Tool is inserted into the experts folder.

parameter tool

  • MAGIC – parameter search warrants from the history of orders for this symbol graphics. 0 – displays all orders for this symbol graphics.

Analysis of Orders History

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