S P500 trading activity falls

S P500: trading activity falls


On Tuesday
Trading on the American stock market was relatively quiet. quotes
US stock indexes the second day of stay in a narrow range,
particular price index S P500 is kept near the mark 2085.0.

Fed Chairman Janet Yellen in his speech yesterday again pointed out that
production growth, recruitment, investment, and corporate profits
I stopped or slowed down, which does not allow the Fed to determine the time of the next
increases in interest rates. The soft tone of her speech helps support
the US stock market, however, the focus of investors
It focused on the referendum in the UK. Its outcome will depend
the dynamics are not only European, but also on all the global markets in

But as
noticed recently financier Dzhordzh Soros in a note for the Guardian, if the British
prefer to secede from the EU, the value of the pound "sharply decreases". at
This Soros argues that the fall will be more dramatic than in 1992. Then
he earned nearly a billion dollars on sales of the British currency.

A fall
British and European stock markets, is expected to be in such a case,
not smaller scale.

the trading on world markets on the eve of the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is reduced.
Investors are waiting for the results of voting in the UK, which will be
known on Friday at 02:00 (GMT), and only after it will make a significant
changes in their portfolios.

recent surveys in the UK indicate approximate equality supporters
the country’s exit from the EU and a further stay in the EU with a small margin of votes
in favor of the latter. This has contributed to the growth of European stock markets.
Britain’s FTSE 100 closed Tuesday with an increase of 0.4%.

According to the results
today’s trading in Asia, the Chinese Shenzhen Composite Index rose 1.7%
ChiNext Price – to 2,5%, Shanghai Composite – 0.9%, Japanese Nikkei Stock
Average trading results fell by 0.6%.

S P500 trading activity falls

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