Risk Reward Setter

Risk Reward Setter

The utility allows you to set the profit margin to a loss. Type stop levels in the deposit currency and install utility factor in terms of money (not pip). The product is useful for beginners, who learn to put the ratio of profit to a loss on the basis of the available funds, or in monetary terms. For example, if you want to risk $ 3 to get the $ 10, enter the desired value and utility to set a target order desired.

  • You can set stop levels on the chart or all open charts.
  • Make sure that the values ​​you have specified achievable, do not open too small positions with unattainable target values.
  • If you have any problem with the product, please let me know.


  • period – It works with any period, since only adjusts the stop levels
  • Settings – three input parameters:
    • Apply To: Pair – a pair (only active schedule) / Account – account (all open orders)
    • Take profit in money: Take Profit in money terms.
    • Stop loss in money: stop-loss in monetary terms.
    • Ensure that automated trading is included in the product settings to configure the current and future positions.

Risk Reward Setter

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