Ratio TP SL

Ratio TP SL

The indicator provides a measure of the profitability of any given transaction (ratio Stop / Profit).

Description of the action buttons on the monitor:

  • R – after clicking on this button, the first button in the schedule specifies the point stop, the second press in the schedule specifies the entry point.
    (Pressing the R button removes the markup tags and profitability and stop input).
  • Edit – when she pressed the stop mark and the entry can be edited (drag and drop).


  • Move_to_create_buttons – the color of the text that specifies where to create the button.
  • BUTTON_OFF – color buttons.
  • BUTTON_ON – the color of the buttons pressed.
  • background_BUTTON – background buttons (by default the same as the background graphics).
  • Enter_Point – color marks the entry point.
  • Stop_Point – color labels, a stop point.
  • Target_Points – color labels, target profit levels (the profitability of the transaction).

Ratio TP SL


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