PZ Lopez Trend

PZ Lopez Trend

You trade with the trend, but are tired of the “noise”, pins and quick reversals? Indicator Pz Lopez Trend It monitors the trend of the market with unmatched reliability, ignoring the sharp market fluctuations and noises around the average price. With this indicator, you can be assured when all other experience. 

  • Surprisingly easy to trade
  • Finds pereprodannosti / overbought
  • Enjoy the trade with no noise at any time
  • The indicator does not need any optimization
  • It sends alerts via Email, generates a sound alert, push-messages
  • The indicator is not redrawn

indicator anatomy

Indicator Pz Lopez Trend displays a colored line, surrounded by price bands. Colored line is the average cost of the instrument, and the price bands are overbought / resale. If the average price is blue, it is a signal for long positions when the market is overbought, and if the average price of red, it is a signal for short positions when the market is oversold.

The change of trend in the indicator is not a signal for trading or closing opposite deals right now! The strips are used for synchronization.

An example of the strategy

There are many strategies that can be developed using the indicator Pz Lopez Trend. The simplest of them – a reversal system that trades only when the closing price is the average price reaches or bands, which avoids the occurrence of trade with pins or for the correction and panic in the market.

Rules can be described as follows: Buy in an uptrend when the price reaches the average price band or oversold, and sell in a downtrend, when the price reaches the average price or overbought line. This simple strategy will minimize your losses to a minimum at the flat, as well as a sharp jump in the market.

Other strategies

However, you can create your own trading strategies, taking into account trade in strips or in the vicinity of the average price. Almost any indicator may be useful in conjunction with the indicator Pz Lopez Trend, keeping its main advantage – filtering market noise. Price always comes back to the average price.

In addition, you can configure the entry strategy with other discretionary pricing instruments such as false breakouts, pin bars, fractals, candlestick patterns or breakdowns. Just be careful not to buy above the overbought level, and not to sell below the oversold level.

Recommended tools

Indicator Pz Lopez Trend It works fine with the following tools.

  • Pz Candlestick Patterns
  • Pz Support / Resistance
  • pz Oscillator

additional details

  • This indicator is named after me;)
  • The indicator considers at each bar, but not at every tick.
  • The indicator has only one parameter with four possible values.
  • It implements a visual, audio, push-notifications and email alerts.


When designing advisor data from the indicator can be read using function iCustom (), as shown in the example below.

// —- Reading the value of the trend and alarm buffer
int start ()
   // Read znayaeny
   double trend = iCustom (Symbol (), Period (), “Market \\ pz-lopez-trend”, 5, 1);
   double signal = iCustom (Symbol (), Period (), “Market \\ pz-lopez-trend”, 6, 1);
   // Action
   if (trend == OP_BUY) {/ * your code, if the current trend is bullish * /}
   if (trend == OP_SELL) {/ * your code, if the current trend is bearish * /}
   if (signal == OP_BUY) {/ * Your code for the bullish trend reversal * /}
   if (signal == OP_SELL) {/ * Your code for the bearish trend change * /}
   // Exit
   return (0);


Arturo Lopez Perez, a private investor and the trader, a software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

PZ Lopez Trend


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