Oil forecast

Oil. forecast

In the oil market continued speculation about potential talks to freeze production of OPEC countries. New hope enveloped Brent positive, sending quotes to the highs of July 25 on the approach to the psychological mark of $ 46. / Bbl.

hydrocarbons Market
I have once again bought into verbal intervention. Apparently, manufacturers
concerned by the recent depreciation of the energy carrier, which until recently
actively updated 3.5-month low. Yesterday, the president of OPEC confirmed
the likelihood of informal talks on the sidelines of Energy Forum
Algeria, which is scheduled for 26-28 September.

In these conversations, participants
the market decided to use the strategy of “buy on rumor,” actively started to
build long positions and the elimination of positions in the sale of oil.
However, the current rally should be careful, because of the nature
such applications that at any moment can be offset
the big players, who has remained silent.

Today, on this factor Brent
Fresh distract the American Petroleum Institute report on stocks
hydrocarbons. Previous figure reflected the drop in the volume of 1.3 million
barrel. If we again see a fall in stocks of “black gold” and gasoline,
Quotes will receive an additional impetus to growth and will be able to gain a foothold for
outside barrier 46 dollars. / bbl. Otherwise barrel waiting
Time Correction.

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