Channel Trader

Channel Trader

This robot scalper has been created to work on the GBPUSD, but it can show good results on the EURUSD, XAUUSD and USDJPY.

Frequency: 3-4 trades a week.

Trades on the channel has a custom target profit and trailing stop.

Advisor can also be configured for trading on other pairs as well as trading on the events.

Martingale with adjustable distance from the open position, and adjust the levels of profit, in which all positions are closed.

At slump adviser opens a position in the same direction at a distance corresponding to Pipstep parameter, then it will manage all open positions.

Once the specified value gains (parameter Profitto_pareggio) is reached, the adviser will close all positions. 

  • risk – only works if the Lot is 0.0 (avtolot). 10 means 10% of the bill.
  • Magic – the magic number for orders exhibited advisor.
  • Magic_Pyramid – the magic number for orders that are opened by martingale. It must be different from the Magic.
  • Trail_active – if true, the adviser will manage the orders using a trailing stop.
  • Lot – to set avtolota 0.0 (Advisor will automatically calculate the auction in accordance with the amount of available funds in the account, and this risk).
  • TrailingStop – 30 is 3 pips (only if active).
  • Slippage – slip! Should be changed only if your broker’s spread is large (not recommended).
  • Pipstep – value of 100 is optimal for GBPUSD (martingale).
  • Profitto_pareggio – desired profit using martingeyloa (in the case of subsidence).
  • GMT_Offset – 25 means choosing a time zone automatically (for testing must be specified hour broker belt).
  • delta – value of 100 is optimal for GBPUSD.
  • profitto – profit in pips (60 pips is 6).
  • Sth – change, if necessary, to the adviser traded in on the events.

Channel Trader

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