AdaptiveChannel – an adaptive channel real price that reflects a large part of the current market situation: the consolidation trend, levels of support / resistance and reversal zone.

Each indicator line contains information about past events, taking into account the current realities of the market:

  • The central line of the channel line up in such a way that they are some kind of support / resistance, or area of ​​price reversal.
  • External channel line are a powerful resistance to the price when the price reaches them, seek back to the center of the channel, thereby generating a signal to buy or sell.

It is so powerful and simple tool to trade, that is suitable for both the novice trader and an indispensable tool for the advanced since It reflects the current market situation.

indicator settings

  • SlowFactorPrice – rates slow rate of change for the channel
  • FastFactorPrice – the price change coefficient for fast channel
  • Distance – the distance to the outer limits of the main passage, for adjusting a signal
  • FiboLevel – additional level Fibo
  • ShowStatistic – LED display settings and signal statistics in the main terminal box
  • Use Sound Signal – on / off an audible notification when the signal
  • Sound File – sound file


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