Gazprom Neft has signed memorandum with Iran

Gazprom Neft has signed a memorandum with Iran OIEC work together

"Gazprom Neft (MCX: SIBN)" Iranian company and Oil Industries’ Engineering Construction (OIEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding confirming the mutual interest of the companies in the joint efforts of the preliminary assessment and the study of the geological potential of oil deposits in the territory of Iran.

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Stairs Levels Mt5

Stairs Levels Mt5

indicator “Stairs Levels“Produces construction line at regular intervals. In this case, there is the effect of rendering the most probable continuation of the price movement. I.e:

  • if the quotation of accumulated mostly under the stairs, the expected movement quotations upward;
  • if the quotation of accumulated mainly on the stairs, the expected movement of the quotes down.

The indicator is used on any timeframe and any currency pairs

Parameters indicator settings

  • Calc_Period – calculating a parameter for setting step (e.g. 40)
  • Calc_History – calculating a parameter for setting a period (e.g. 1000)
  • CLR_Lvl – color mapping indicator line

This is the first version of the indicator. Be sure to consider all requests and responses. Please write comments.

Stairs Levels Mt5

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XAUUSD Gold rose in price

XAU / USD: Gold rose in price


The disappointing data on US NFP in May, the publication
which took place last Friday, led to a dramatic weakening of the US dollar
the foreign exchange market. The number of jobs outside agriculture rose
38,000 in May (forecast was 164 000). The May job growth
It turned out to be the weakest since September 2010.

Spot price of gold on Friday exceeded the level of $ 1240.00
per ounce. Quotes August gold futures on the COMEX trading
rose 2.5% to 1242.90 dollars per troy ounce, showing the most
a significant increase in daily from 17 March.

Today the attention of market participants will be focused on
speech at 16:30 (GMT) Fed chief Janet Yellen, in which it will affect the theme
monetary policy in the United States in light of the labor market in the US data.
Interestingly, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President Eric Rosengren said on Monday that,
despite the slowdown in the number of jobs, it is still waiting for
increases in interest rates in the United States in the next few months.

He noted that although job growth in May
38,000 is "disappointing result", The current level
unemployment rate of 4.7% "corresponds to his concept of total
employment" and a further fall in unemployment inflation can grow.

However, after the release of weak data on NFP probability
raising interest rates in the US in June, virtually disappeared, according to many
market participants.

Higher interest rates are usually under pressure
Gold, which does not bring interest income and become less
attractive than higher-yielding assets with increasing
the cost of borrowing.

Sellers of gold were taken by surprise by weak data
on the US labor market. Now, market participants will assess the future prospects
monetary policy in the United States.

XAUUSD Gold rose in price

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Risk Reward Setter

Risk Reward Setter

The utility allows you to set the profit margin to a loss. Type stop levels in the deposit currency and install utility factor in terms of money (not pip). The product is useful for beginners, who learn to put the ratio of profit to a loss on the basis of the available funds, or in monetary terms. For example, if you want to risk $ 3 to get the $ 10, enter the desired value and utility to set a target order desired.

  • You can set stop levels on the chart or all open charts.
  • Make sure that the values ​​you have specified achievable, do not open too small positions with unattainable target values.
  • If you have any problem with the product, please let me know.


  • period – It works with any period, since only adjusts the stop levels
  • Settings – three input parameters:
    • Apply To: Pair – a pair (only active schedule) / Account – account (all open orders)
    • Take profit in money: Take Profit in money terms.
    • Stop loss in money: stop-loss in monetary terms.
    • Ensure that automated trading is included in the product settings to configure the current and future positions.

Risk Reward Setter

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Forex ee Economic Daily Digest Economic Daily Digest

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Tuesday, June 14

GBP / USD It was trading in a bearish
trend this morning against the backdrop of the upcoming referendum in the UK. Couple
feel a lot of pressure, because the number of voters in favor of the country’s output
EU remains leading. Also today, traders will focus their
attention to data on the UK index of consumer prices, followed by
The volume of retail sales from the US. The pair is currently trading at
1.4175 with the current support and resistance levels located at elevations
1.4024 and 1.4446.

USD / CHF slightly recovered from
yesterday’s fall as the dollar has stopped its downward movement against
major currencies. Nevertheless, it is expected that the pair growth will be limited, as
upcoming referendum in the UK “pushes” of traders in a less risky
assets such as the Swiss franc. Today, traders will focus their
attention to the upcoming data on the price index of manufacturers in Switzerland and data
retail sales from the United States, represented in the course of the day. Now
the pair is trading at 0.9640 with support and resistance levels,
located at around 0.9600 and 0.9698.

EUR / USD It is trading below the level of 1.13,
It is moving in a southerly direction as the dollar strengthens its position on the
its main competitors. However, the fall in the pair today will be limited,
as market participants are likely to remain in anticipation of the Fed Solutions
interest rate, scheduled for tomorrow. Nevertheless, today traders will
waiting for data on industrial production in the euro area and reports on
retail sales from the US. At the moment the pair is trading at 1.1270, advancing
below, in the southern direction. Today’s support and resistance levels
located at around 1.1203 and 1.1347.

USD / CAD able to restore
some of their positions and now the pair is trading around today’s highs,
marked at the level of 1.2848 as the dollar strengthens its position on the entire range
market. the couple also received little support against the backdrop of prices easing
oil, thereby ‘weighing’ the Canadian currency relative to its US
neighbor on Tuesday. Today, traders will focus their attention on the reports
retail sales from the US and a week’s supply of crude oil according to
The American Petroleum Institute. The pair is currently trading at 1.2835 with
support and resistance levels, located at around 1.2719 and 1.2897.

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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US stock market closed with fall Dow Jones fell

US stock market closed with a fall, Dow Jones fell by 3.39%

The US stock market closed trading Friday fall in the background of negative dynamics from the finance sector, raw materials and technologies.

At the close on the New York Stock Exchange Dow Jones fell by 3.39%, reaching a 3-month low, the index S P 500 dropped to 3,60%, NASDAQ Composite Index fell 4.12%.

Growth leaders include Dow Jones index component on the basis of today’s trading stocks were Wal-Mart Stores Inc (NYSE: WMT), which fell to 0.14 h (0.19%), closing at 71,96.. Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ) stock fell 0.24 h (0.44%), ending trading at 54.43.. Paper UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (NYSE: UNH) fell 1.90 h (1.37%), closing at 137.29..

Leaders of falling were shares of Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE: GS), whose price fell to 10.80 h (7.07%), ending the session at around 141.86.. Stocks JPMorgan Chase Co (NYSE: JPM) rose to 4.45 h (6.95%), to close at 59.60, aCaterpillar Inc (NYSE: CAT). Decreased in value by 5.19 h (6.64. %) and closed trading at around 73.03.

The leaders of growth among the components of the index SP 500 at the end of today’s trading were the shares of Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE: NEM), which rose 5.09% to reach 37,19, Hormel Foods Corporation (NYSE: HRL), which scored 2.17 %, to close at 35.34, and shares of Consolidated Edison Inc (NYSE: ED), which rose by 2.02%, ending the session at around 78.41.

Leaders of falling were shares of Invesco Plc (NYSE: IVZ), which fell in price by 13.67% to close at 25.57. Shares of Lincoln National Corporation company (NYSE: LNC) lost 13.30% and closed the session at 38.47. Quotes Delphi Automotive plc (NYSE: DLPH) fell in price by 12.22% to reach 62.07.

The leaders of growth among the NASDAQ Composite index components on the basis of today’s trading were the shares of Biostar Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: BSPM), which rose by 30.58% to the level of 4,2700, Micronet Enertec Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: MICT), who scored 27, 16%, to close at 2,047, as well as shares of Skullcandy Inc (NASDAQ: SKUL), which increased by 23.08%, ending the session at around 5,760.

Leaders of falling were shares Zais Group Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ZAIS), which fell in price by 25.37% to close at 3,000. Shares of the company Ultrapetrol Ltd (NASDAQ: ULTR) lost 19.12% and closed the session at 0.3316. Quotes PhotoMedex Inc (NASDAQ: PHMD) fell in price by 17.24% to reach 0.2400.

On the New York Stock Exchange, the number of decliners securities (2719) exceeded the number closed in positive territory (594) and quotes 14 shares remained virtually unchanged. On the NASDAQ securities 2204 companies fell, 405 rose, a 33 remained at the previous close.

Stock quotes Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE: NEM) rose to 3-year high, rising 5.09%, 1.80 p, and finished trading at around 37.19.. Stock quotes Consolidated Edison Inc (NYSE: ED) have risen to historic highs, rising by 2.02%, 1.55 p, and finished trading at around 78.41..

The volatility index CBOE Volatility Index, which is generated on the basis of options trading indicators S P 500 increased by 43.65% to 24.78 mark, reaching a new three-month high.

Gold futures for delivery added 4.52% in August, or 57.15, reaching $ 1.320,25 an ounce. As for other commodities, the price of oil WTI with delivery fell by 4.97% in August, or 2.49, to $ 47.62 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures with delivery fell by 4.87% in August, or 2.48, to $ 48.43 a barrel.

Meanwhile Forex pair EUR / USD fell 2.46% to 1.1103, and the quotation USD / JPY fell 3.53%, reaching 102.42.

USD Index rose 2.52% to 95.68.

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Channel Trader

Channel Trader

This robot scalper has been created to work on the GBPUSD, but it can show good results on the EURUSD, XAUUSD and USDJPY.

Frequency: 3-4 trades a week.

Trades on the channel has a custom target profit and trailing stop.

Advisor can also be configured for trading on other pairs as well as trading on the events.

Martingale with adjustable distance from the open position, and adjust the levels of profit, in which all positions are closed.

At slump adviser opens a position in the same direction at a distance corresponding to Pipstep parameter, then it will manage all open positions.

Once the specified value gains (parameter Profitto_pareggio) is reached, the adviser will close all positions. 

  • risk – only works if the Lot is 0.0 (avtolot). 10 means 10% of the bill.
  • Magic – the magic number for orders exhibited advisor.
  • Magic_Pyramid – the magic number for orders that are opened by martingale. It must be different from the Magic.
  • Trail_active – if true, the adviser will manage the orders using a trailing stop.
  • Lot – to set avtolota 0.0 (Advisor will automatically calculate the auction in accordance with the amount of available funds in the account, and this risk).
  • TrailingStop – 30 is 3 pips (only if active).
  • Slippage – slip! Should be changed only if your broker’s spread is large (not recommended).
  • Pipstep – value of 100 is optimal for GBPUSD (martingale).
  • Profitto_pareggio – desired profit using martingeyloa (in the case of subsidence).
  • GMT_Offset – 25 means choosing a time zone automatically (for testing must be specified hour broker belt).
  • delta – value of 100 is optimal for GBPUSD.
  • profitto – profit in pips (60 pips is 6).
  • Sth – change, if necessary, to the adviser traded in on the events.

Channel Trader

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S P500 trading activity falls

S P500: trading activity falls


On Tuesday
Trading on the American stock market was relatively quiet. quotes
US stock indexes the second day of stay in a narrow range,
particular price index S P500 is kept near the mark 2085.0.

Fed Chairman Janet Yellen in his speech yesterday again pointed out that
production growth, recruitment, investment, and corporate profits
I stopped or slowed down, which does not allow the Fed to determine the time of the next
increases in interest rates. The soft tone of her speech helps support
the US stock market, however, the focus of investors
It focused on the referendum in the UK. Its outcome will depend
the dynamics are not only European, but also on all the global markets in

But as
noticed recently financier Dzhordzh Soros in a note for the Guardian, if the British
prefer to secede from the EU, the value of the pound "sharply decreases". at
This Soros argues that the fall will be more dramatic than in 1992. Then
he earned nearly a billion dollars on sales of the British currency.

A fall
British and European stock markets, is expected to be in such a case,
not smaller scale.

the trading on world markets on the eve of the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is reduced.
Investors are waiting for the results of voting in the UK, which will be
known on Friday at 02:00 (GMT), and only after it will make a significant
changes in their portfolios.

recent surveys in the UK indicate approximate equality supporters
the country’s exit from the EU and a further stay in the EU with a small margin of votes
in favor of the latter. This has contributed to the growth of European stock markets.
Britain’s FTSE 100 closed Tuesday with an increase of 0.4%.

According to the results
today’s trading in Asia, the Chinese Shenzhen Composite Index rose 1.7%
ChiNext Price – to 2,5%, Shanghai Composite – 0.9%, Japanese Nikkei Stock
Average trading results fell by 0.6%.

S P500 trading activity falls

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PZ Lopez Trend

PZ Lopez Trend

You trade with the trend, but are tired of the “noise”, pins and quick reversals? Indicator Pz Lopez Trend It monitors the trend of the market with unmatched reliability, ignoring the sharp market fluctuations and noises around the average price. With this indicator, you can be assured when all other experience. 

  • Surprisingly easy to trade
  • Finds pereprodannosti / overbought
  • Enjoy the trade with no noise at any time
  • The indicator does not need any optimization
  • It sends alerts via Email, generates a sound alert, push-messages
  • The indicator is not redrawn

indicator anatomy

Indicator Pz Lopez Trend displays a colored line, surrounded by price bands. Colored line is the average cost of the instrument, and the price bands are overbought / resale. If the average price is blue, it is a signal for long positions when the market is overbought, and if the average price of red, it is a signal for short positions when the market is oversold.

The change of trend in the indicator is not a signal for trading or closing opposite deals right now! The strips are used for synchronization.

An example of the strategy

There are many strategies that can be developed using the indicator Pz Lopez Trend. The simplest of them – a reversal system that trades only when the closing price is the average price reaches or bands, which avoids the occurrence of trade with pins or for the correction and panic in the market.

Rules can be described as follows: Buy in an uptrend when the price reaches the average price band or oversold, and sell in a downtrend, when the price reaches the average price or overbought line. This simple strategy will minimize your losses to a minimum at the flat, as well as a sharp jump in the market.

Other strategies

However, you can create your own trading strategies, taking into account trade in strips or in the vicinity of the average price. Almost any indicator may be useful in conjunction with the indicator Pz Lopez Trend, keeping its main advantage – filtering market noise. Price always comes back to the average price.

In addition, you can configure the entry strategy with other discretionary pricing instruments such as false breakouts, pin bars, fractals, candlestick patterns or breakdowns. Just be careful not to buy above the overbought level, and not to sell below the oversold level.

Recommended tools

Indicator Pz Lopez Trend It works fine with the following tools.

  • Pz Candlestick Patterns
  • Pz Support / Resistance
  • pz Oscillator

additional details

  • This indicator is named after me;)
  • The indicator considers at each bar, but not at every tick.
  • The indicator has only one parameter with four possible values.
  • It implements a visual, audio, push-notifications and email alerts.


When designing advisor data from the indicator can be read using function iCustom (), as shown in the example below.

// —- Reading the value of the trend and alarm buffer
int start ()
   // Read znayaeny
   double trend = iCustom (Symbol (), Period (), “Market \\ pz-lopez-trend”, 5, 1);
   double signal = iCustom (Symbol (), Period (), “Market \\ pz-lopez-trend”, 6, 1);
   // Action
   if (trend == OP_BUY) {/ * your code, if the current trend is bullish * /}
   if (trend == OP_SELL) {/ * your code, if the current trend is bearish * /}
   if (signal == OP_BUY) {/ * Your code for the bullish trend reversal * /}
   if (signal == OP_SELL) {/ * Your code for the bearish trend change * /}
   // Exit
   return (0);


Arturo Lopez Perez, a private investor and the trader, a software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

PZ Lopez Trend


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