Roskomnadzor banned demotivators fotozhaby and

Roskomnadzor banned demotivators, fotozhaby and Internet memes.

The text of the new law came into Roskomnadzor official page “VKontakte”. On Friday, April 10, on page Roskomnadzor “VKontakte” there was a law prohibiting demotivators, fotozhaby and Internet memes. Violation of legislation on personal data in relation to public figures as follows: – Create create fake account on behalf of a public person (name, position, date of birth, photo, etc.). and its use (posts, comments). – Create a site feykovogo public person. dedicated professional and social activities of public identity. – Use a public photo of the person as an impersonation of the popular internet meme that has no relationship to the person “celebrity.” According to Roskomnadzor, these personal data processing techniques violate the requirements of the legislation on personal data and discredit honor, dignity and business reputation of public figures. – Roskomnadzor accesses the administration to remove illegal information, if it does not happen – filed a lawsuit – wrote the press-service agency.

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