MTF Stochastic

MTF Stochastic

Indicator displays the graph data-Stochastic oscillator older time interval. The main and the signal lines are displayed in an additional window. Step response is not fair. The indicator is useful for practicing “manual” forex trading strategies, using data from multiple screens with different time intervals of one instrument. The display settings are used similar standard and drop down list for selecting a time-frame.

Item display

  • TimeFrame – timeslot (dropdown);
  • KPeriod – period% K;
  • DPeriod – period% D;
  • Slowing – slowing;
  • MAMethod – the moving average method (drop-down list);
  • PriceField – price type (drop-down list);
  • StochLevel – level above which the line of intersection is fixed downward. The lower level is calculated by the formula 100-StochLevel.
  • UseAlerts – concluded alerts when crossing the line.

MTF Stochastic

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