Roskomnadzor banned demotivators fotozhaby and

Roskomnadzor banned demotivators, fotozhaby and Internet memes.

The text of the new law came into Roskomnadzor official page “VKontakte”. On Friday, April 10, on page Roskomnadzor “VKontakte” there was a law prohibiting demotivators, fotozhaby and Internet memes. Violation of legislation on personal data in relation to public figures as follows: – Create create fake account on behalf of a public person (name, position, date of birth, photo, etc.). and its use (posts, comments). – Create a site feykovogo public person. dedicated professional and social activities of public identity. – Use a public photo of the person as an impersonation of the popular internet meme that has no relationship to the person “celebrity.” According to Roskomnadzor, these personal data processing techniques violate the requirements of the legislation on personal data and discredit honor, dignity and business reputation of public figures. – Roskomnadzor accesses the administration to remove illegal information, if it does not happen – filed a lawsuit – wrote the press-service agency.

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Europe is interested in new investments in Russian

Europe is interested in new investments in the Russian economy

Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said the growing interest of European business to invest in the Russian economy after the passage of the crisis. “I can say that we have coped,” – as the minister answered the question was whether the crisis on the Russian economy, in an interview with NTV.

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Library stepwise forward optimization for Meta

Library stepwise forward-optimization for MetaTrader

This is the main page of the documentation library for WalkForwardOptimizer MetaTrader 4/5.


Step by step forward optimization (Walk-forward optimization, WFO) is designed to verify that the optimized trading adviser (expert adviser, EA) will maintain its profitability in the future unknown data. This is achieved by running the advisor forward-test period with the so-called "data is sample" (Out-of-sample, OOS), which were not used during optimization. In order to optimize other use typically the previous period, the data from which is formed a so-called sample (in-sample, InS). Process consecutive optimizations and forward test is repeated many times with shift work window in the future. Details can be found in an article in English about the walk-forward optimization in Wikipedia.

The documentation uses the following terms:

= Data sampling optimization window

Data is sample = step forward testing

If the average profitability of the adviser to the forward-tests is acceptable, it proves his ustroychivost. Otherwise, you need to change any settings to optimize or advisor strategy as a whole, while the system does not acquire a sufficient ability to generalize, you need to operate in the future.

In MetaTrader no built-in mode step forward testing (MT5 allows for a single forward-testing, but it is not suitable for full-step analysis). To address this a couple of tools you can use problem: WalkForwardOptimizer library and WalkForwardReporter script (WFR).

Library stepwise forward optimization for Meta

User guide

The header file and the case study (page WFO MT4 in the Market)

The header file and the case study (page WFO MT5 in the Market)



formula parameters

Creating reports (WFR MT4 page in Market)

usage scenarios


Product Overview for the Walk-Forward Analysis

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Correlation Statistics Pro

Correlation Statistics Pro

Decision Three indicator in one It offers a set of tools for the study of the correlation between the instruments. Each indicator may be displayed in a separate window.

  1. Indicator The Correlation Over Time (COT) It shows the change with time correlation.
    In addition, it shows the changes in the correlation history two tools in the form of a line representing the threshold. Thus, you can take advantage of even unusual correlation changes.
  2. The Percentages Panel.
    The advanced model free version, works as an indicator and shows the percentage correlation between the instrument graphics, and all other tools, or only those that have been selected in the “glass prices.” The indicator may conceal a correlation above or below a certain threshold. In this case, the percentage of each change color and size, which allows to observe the correlation capabilities.
  3. The Secondary Chart (SC).
    And finally, last but not less important indicator. It allows you to open other tools in the same window in the form of candles.

Thus, you get three lights in a single file. You decide what type of display you want to use and select it in the properties of the indicator (LED type).


  • CompareTo: (COT, or SC) Enter the name of the tool correlation which you want to see a time chart or graph.
  • IndicatorType: Indicator that you want to use.
  • StrongCorrelationThreshold: (COT, or Panel) percentage, which defines a strong correlation.
  • Periods: (COT, or Panel) shows the time interval for counting the correlation.
  • HistoricalThresholdPeriods: (COT only) This function can be used on certain instruments in the short-term trading, if traders want to check for duplicate historical correlations. Statistical threshold is calculated on the basis of periods that you type and is portrayed as a red dotted line. It is a tool tend to be near zone a percentage correlation.
  • PanelDisplayedInstuments: (Panel Only) Indicates all or correlation, or those that are above or below a specified threshold.
  • PanelInstrumentsVisibility : (Panel Only) Displays any characters “Depth of Market“, or all the characters available on the terminal.

Dear traders, I hope you like this indicator and it will be useful to you. If you need help or if you have constructive suggestions for improvement of the indicator, please contact me through my profile page:

Correlation Statistics Pro

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HP took data about Intel processors new generation

The HP took data about Intel processors, the new generation of leak

The company HP Inc. It has published data on the new generation of Intel processors, codenamed Kaby Lake and Apollo Lake. Technical specifications of these processors are described in the document issued to the new computer Pavilion x360 m1, whose announcement from HP has not yet been made.

So, Kaby Lake – the code name of the seventh generation of Core processors, which are to replace the Skylake. They should be modernized architecture, process technology from 14 nm topology change. Another processor – Apollo Lake, is a budget based on 14-nm process technology.

Analysts at the same time suggest that the company deliberately leaked sensitive information, because HP does not remove it from the site even when the media learned about it.

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Neural network expert. On the network are input values ​​of seven indicator (RSI, MACD, AO, AC, Momentum, ATR, RVI). Apply expert only on VPS-server. Powered by four- and pyatiznake. It is used on highly currency pairs (EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD). For training to optimize the parameters x0-x11, values ​​from 0 to 100 in increments of 1.


  • StopLoss – stop-loss level in points;
  • TakeProfit – the level of take-profit in points;
  • Risk – automatic calculation of the trading lot of risk per trade (takes into account the level of stop-loss);
  • Lots – Fixed Par, if Risk = 0;
  • BreakevenDeals – the conclusion of transactions to breakeven; if true, it is performed;
  • BreakevenStart – minimum number of points which have been passed to the output transaction price to breakeven;
  • BreakevenStep – minimum profit in points for the O position to breakeven;
  • Trailing – trailing stop; if true, it is performed;
  • TrailingStart – the minimum number of points which have been passed from the opening price of the warrant for the trailing;
  • TrailingStop – the number of points to start trailing stop;
  • TrailingStep – move the trailing stop;
  • MagicNumber – the magic number;
  • x0, x11 – variables for the neural network training.


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PipTick Bar Timer MT4

PipTick Bar Timer MT4

Indicator PipTick Bar Timer displays on the chart countdown for the last bar on the chart.

Key Features

  • It displays the remaining time for the last bar on the chart
  • Provides alerts about new bar
  • It works on any timeframe (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN)
  • Adjustable parameters (color, text size, display, etc.)
  • An ideal tool for all forms of traffic (scalping, intraday trading, etc.)
  • Very fast calculation
  • Available for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

Input parameters

  • Position – location: Top Left (top left), Top Right
    (Top right), Bottom Left (bottom left), Bottom Right (bottom right)
    Custom Position (user)
  • Custom_Position_Horizontal – a horizontal position
  • Custom_Position_Vertical – a vertical position
  • Alert_New_Bar – enable / disable alerts at the opening of a new bar
  • Alert_Sound – sound the alert
  • Text_Size – text size
  • Color_Text – the color of text
  • Color_Background – background color timer
  • Visibility_Background – enable / disable the timer background

PipTick Bar Timer MT4

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Government will return to sale of shares of state

The Government will return to the sale of shares of state-owned after privatization Bashneft Rosneft – Shuvalov

The government on Tuesday announced that the sale of "Bashneft"Which was to become one of the two major privatization deals of the year, has been postponed to a later date.

"Premier decided to postpone the privatization of "Bashneft" at a later date, and it (the decision) endorsed President"- said Monday night’s press secretary Dmitriya Medvedeva, Natalya Timakova.

On Wednesday, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov explained why the decision was made.

The Government will return to the sale of shares "Bashneft" after the privatization of state-owned "Rosneft (MCX: ROSN)", Shuvalov told reporters

"Now come to the fore sale "Rosneft". We must focus on this. selling package "Rosneft", Back to the sale of "Bashneft"As we have instructed the president of the privatization of the company"- Shuvalov said.

On the question of a possible sale of the "Bashneft" Shuvalov said that the pre-sale preparation revealed a significant interest in the asset. "There are real contenders, and we understand at what price they are willing to buy "Bashneft (MCX: BANE)". We are studying the position of the leadership of the Republic of Bashkortostan that the asset can be sold more effectively", – he said.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev decided to postpone the privatization of "Bashneft" at a later date, and in this regard, instructed to further explore the issue in more effective sales package, he added.

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WDAIC BUNUSHUNTING 1Our company opens bonuskhantingovy account. The purpose ottorgovka 6 standard lots. The time period is not defined. Trade will be conducted exclusively for deferred signals, which we publish every day. Since the expense of real, free subscription is not allowed. Follow our work in real time. – a reference to the monitoring.

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Multi Expert System TRADING WAY

Multi Expert System TRADING WAY


  • Terms of expert inputs and outputs generated by the indicator MultiSignals_PCH, which can be downloaded free of charge from Code Base.
  • Expert can be used to trade in the manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes.
  • Multi-currency trading. This version is supported 3 symbol.
  • Multisystem trade. In this version you can customize the 4 strategy for each symbol. For each expert strategy sets its Magic-Number.
  • Multiple timeframe trading. You can configure the trading in all timeframes.
  • You can trade fixed lot or include capital management system “fixed-Proportional tactics Ryan Jones.”
  • Expert equipped multifunctional information and commercial panels with which to interact.
  • When testing an expert in the imaging mode, the graph shows an information panel that simplifies the study of the work of an expert in automatic mode.

Expert Settings:

Description Expert settings
Number Of Try The number of repeats at a failed transaction. That is, an expert at regular intervals will make another attempt, for example, to open a position if the previous attempt failed. This applies to all trading operations.
Slippage Allowable slippage. That is, if you open a position slippage has occurred, the operation will be canceled. Perhaps it makes sense to use this option if the trading is carried out on small timeframes.
On / Off Trade It includes (true) / Disables (false) Trade at the specified symbol.
Name Symbol Character name. The name must be entered as well as in the “Market Watch” window of the trading terminal.
On / Off Time Range It includes (true) / Disables (false) Trade in the specified time range.
Hour of the Start of Trade Hour at which to start trading.
Hour of the End of Trade Hour, which can be to trade.
Close Position in the End Day It includes (true) / Disables (false) Mode in which the position will be closed at the end of the day.
Close Position in the End Week It includes (true) / Disables (false) Mode in which the position will be closed at the end of the week.
Period PCH (total) If the value is greater than zero, it will be used as a common parameter for the indicator in all trading strategies that character.
Timeframe (total) If the parameter value Period PCH (total) is greater than zero, then the value of this timeframe will be used for the indicator.
Trade TS №01 It includes (true) / Disables (false) Trade for this trading strategy.
Type Entry It indicates which group of signals used in the shop module.
Period PCH (sub) If the parameter value Period PCH (total) is zero, then this value will be used for the indicator for this trading strategy.
Type Take Profit It specifies how to use the type of level of profit-taking (Take Profit) In this trading strategy. The current version of the expert are two options: NO TAKE PROFIT, Points. That is, without the use of Take Profit and installation Take Profit on the specified number of points.
Points TP It specifies the distance in points for the level of profit-taking (Take Profit) In this trading strategy.
Type Stop Loss It indicates the distance in points for a protective layer (Stop Loss) In this trading strategy. The current version of the expert are two options: NO STOP LOSS, Points. That is, without the use of Stop Loss and installation of Stop Loss to the specified number of points.
Points SL It indicates the distance in points for a protective layer (Stop Loss) In this trading strategy.
Fix Lot The value of fixed asset. If the Money Management On / Off pregnant false, the lot size in the trade is taken from this parameter.
Money Management On / Off It includes (true) / Disables (false) Money management. If the situation false, the sale will go to a fixed lot, the value of which is in the parameter Fix Lot.
Start Deposit Starting point for the calculation of the traded lot in capital management.
Delta The quantity, expressed as the amount of funds which should increase / decrease the expense, and then will be increased / decreased volume traded lot.
Start Lot The initial lot, which will be an increase / decrease in the traded lot.
Step Lot Step lots. The amount by which the increase / decrease in the traded lot will be carried out.
Stop Trade If the deposit amount is reduced to this value, trading will be stopped.
Max Draw Down Equity (%) If the deposit amount is reduced to this value, trading will be stopped, and an expert in order to safely remove from the chart. After removal of the journal will indicate the reason for the removal. During testing or optimization of parameters of this rule also applies.
Stop Trade by Free Margin ($) Before trade operation (buy / sell) is calculated, and if it turns out that after the transaction funds will be less than this value, then the operation will not be performed.
Stop Loss / Take Profit by Disconnect (p) Real Stop Loss and Take Profit. Are set for the highest and lowest current levels of trade.
Condition of Selection Criteria There are two options to choose from AND (I) and OR (OR). Distributed by the criteria in the parameter block OPTIMIZATION REPORT. It determines how will be selected to optimize the results to write to the file. If you select AND, it must meet all the specified conditions. If OR, it must fulfill at least one of these conditions.
statistic Criterion From the drop-down list, you can select which index will be formed for the filter condition recording to optimize the results to a file.

  • Profit
  • Total Deals
  • Profit Factor
  • Expected Payoff
  • Equity DD Max%
  • Recovery Factor
  • sharpe Ratio

Writing to a file and thus the file creation is not made if all parameters Tagged statistic Criterion put option NO CRITERION.

Value Criterion Value (threshold) which is constructed on the basis of the condition for the filter optimization results in recording a file.

For example, if the parameter 01 _ Statistic Criterion selected Profit, and 01 _ Value Criterion set 100, while all other parameters statistic Criterion fitted with one NO CRITERION, then optimize the output file only the results will be recorded, the number of transactions that exceed the value 100.

Use Sound It includes (true) / Disables (false) Audible warning system of commercial transactions. At each event / group of your sound events. Announced the following events:

  • Error while trading.
  • Opening position / positions Increase volume.
  • Installation / Modification of pending order / Stop Loss / Take Profit.
  • Deleting a pending order.
  • Reducing the volume of the position.
  • Closing a position with profit.
  • Closing of positions at a loss.
Color Schemes The color scheme for the chart. From the drop-down list you can select one of eight color schemes for the chart.

  • Green-Gray.
  • Red-Beige.
  • Black-White.
  • Orange-Leaves.
  • Purple-Clouds.
  • Gray-LightGray.
  • Milk-Chocolate.
  • Night-Moon.


The application will be sent as a free add-on, users who have purchased the product in the e-mail address available on request BOOK REPORT. With this application, you can carry out advanced analysis of the results of optimization and testing.

Additional Information:

This is not the whole list of possibilities. For more information on using this expert system can be found in the article Limitless possibilities c MetaTrader 5 terminal and MQL5.

Multi Expert System TRADING WAY


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