Trump was suspected of tax evasion for 18 years

Trump was suspected of tax evasion for 18 years

US presidential candidate from the Republican Donald Trump could not legally pay taxes 18. About it in Sunday, October 2, writes New York Times with reference to the relevant documents.

Campaign headquarters Trump has not commented on this information to the NYT. However, the statement was issued, which actually acknowledged the authenticity of the document and the fact that significant gaps in business Republican in the early ’90s. “Mr. Trump – a highly businessman having obligations to their work, their family and their employees to pay a tax to the extent that does not exceed the established by law”, – said in a statement Staff Trump.

As the newspaper writes, the information obtained from the documents indicates that in 1995, Trump announced a loss in the amount of $ 916 million in his tax return. Such a large loss of US tax law gave the right to the businessman did not pay federal income taxes by the same amount for 15 years after the Declaration and in the three previous years. Thus, annually Trump could not pay tax on income of $ 50 million in revenue.

The representative of the Democratic Party campaign headquarters of Hillari Klinton Brian Fallon commented on the news in his Twitter: «Bomb: Trump reports show how it is a lousy businessman and how long it can avoid paying any taxes.”

Over the last 40 years in the US presidential candidates from the two major parties publish their tax returns, reports the Associated Press, while Trump did not.

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