Spread Average

Spread Average

The indicator displays the value of the size of each candle in an additional window at the points, the average value for the prescribed period, and also a signal of exceeding the last spark mean value multiplied by a predetermined coefficient. In the formation of the signal can be displayed in a popup message or / and sent alerts to email and the mobile terminal. The indicator uses MovingAverages.mqh library from a standard set of software MT4.

Item display

  • AveragePeriod – averaging period;
  • PriceType – price type (OPEN_CLOSE or LOW_HIGH);
  • AverageMethod – spread method of smoothing;
  • signal_factor – factor signal to exceed;
  • UseAlert – leave a message in a popup window;
  • UseNotification – permission notification to the mobile device;
  • UseEmail – permission notification by e-mail;

Spread Average

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