• Lot – volume of trade
  • Increase lot by – on how to increase the lot
  • Max lot – the highest possible auction
  • Total lots – all lots in trade
  • Total orders – all orders to trade
  • TP point – TP in paragraphs
  • TP dollars – TP in dollars. Virtual
  • TP dollars for series – TP dollar orders for the series. Virtual
  • TP dollars all symbols – TP in dollars for all symbols. Virtual
  • SL point – SL in paragraphs
  • SL dollars – SL in dollars. Virtual
  • SL dollars for series – SL dollar orders for the series. Virtual
  • SL dollars all symbols – SL in dollars for all symbols. Virtual
  • SL breakeven – SL transfer to breakeven after the specified number of points


The robot is based on a fully adaptive mathematical
model assessment of the market situation. This means that all decisions of the robot takes
itself based on the current realities and reconfigures itself. That is why
any settings other than lotnosti and stops, the robot no.

Used model can not be called a clear trend or
to the flat, but also to the flat component has greater weight. Concerning
stock or CFD on shares
and other similar instruments that have long recoilless trends, not
recommended for trade in the robot, the initial purpose of which
trade it on the currency.

Volatility and other rate parameters in the robot does not
are taken into account, so volatile instruments are also used not
recommended, that is gold, silver, the yen across the board is not for the robot.

Initially, the robot was designed to work on EURUSD H1. Greater or lesser period of use is possible, but not recommended.
On average, the robot makes two transactions a week. Given the above constraints
the robot can be used in other currencies. Recommended for work
or use one or EURUSD EURUSD + majors and
popular crosses. Specifically, I and almost all of my clients robot stands on
I did the test during the years of 2013 and 2014.

By default, all the stops in the work exhibited at 0. This is my
trading style, I prefer not to monitor the risks of stop orders, and
Expose volumes. If you are using a foot, then recommends a
for each pair of his own, and the total for all the items on all instruments at once.
In the settings it is called: SL dollars all symbols and TP dollars all symbols.

The robot can work to interfere. Close and modify it
the transaction is also possible.

The robot is not classified as scalpers, scalpers, Grieder and calmly
It works with all brokers and spreads. Martingale is not used, but a slight increase in volumes in the robot have (at
prefer, you can turn off).

Attached tests adequately reflect the robot’s capabilities.
It is evident that this is not the mythical Grail of 100% per month. There are hard times, but
with proper risk management it works and earns a bang. Test
made on the opening prices, as all decisions are taken with the arrival of the robot
new candle, and test ticks apart from increasing the test time nothing
It changes, but when tested with a stop or take profit should be included mode
“Every tick”.

Prior to testing, and the first launch of very highly recommend download
history, since setting is based on historical data.

About testing

All tests were run with the same settings. Any optimization or
fitting to the story missing. In all cases, the robot itself automatically
changes the parameters (except for stops and lotnosti). testing result
It is almost identical to the real. The difference standard – slip,
VPS overload
inopportune moment, sometimes the deal closes by hand due to the extremely good profit.

Application of the results of tests: in 2013 income amounted to $ 7 822 per
2014 – 8096 $. All tests were performed with an initial depot 5000 and $ 0.1 in a single lot trading without stops and
take-profit, that is, in the most extreme mode with increased risk.


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