FxSProWPR oscillator generates signals to confirm the trend, as well as to confirm the emergence of new trends.

Item display

  • NumberBars – The number of bars displayed indicator. A large number of bars can significantly slow down the trading terminal.
  • SignalAlert – Alert-signal trend.
  • SignalSound – The audio signal trend. The alarm will sound when exceeding level histogram of magnitude of 15.

Rules to confirm the position of the entrance to the

  • Green Histogram – uptrend (provided that the value of the histogram level above level 15).
  • Red histogram – decreasing trend (provided that the level of the histogram value below 15).

Indicator and auxiliary FxSProWPR used in a pair with the main trend indicator FxSProMT or any other, which is used to open position.

But keep in mind that the market can change rapidly and unpredictably:

  • Exit when changing direction of the market. When the market starts to change its direction (opposite trading signal), close the deal.
  • Exit the trade when important news can expand the market against your position.
  • Exit the trade at the end of the US session.


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