EURUSD analysis and forecast

EUR / USD: analysis and forecast

Current trend

On Tuesday, the dollar fell against the euro and a basket of major currencies
after the controversial economic news from the US. Thus, orders for goods
durables decreased by 3.4% in December, confounding forecast
This growth rate at 0.5%. The volume of orders for durable goods
use excluding transport equipment for the same period as
decreased 0.8%. Meanwhile, the level of confidence of American consumers
January rose to 102.9 points, which is the best result since August

Today during the day may be a slight strengthening of the euro to
US Federal Reserve meeting. Due to the instability of the world economy forecast
US monetary authorities decision difficult. Probably, the interest rate
will be left unchanged, will continue the growth of the euro against
the dollar. In that case, if the Fed decides to increase the key rate, the euro
significantly weaken, so it is recommended to open short positions, so this decision
American regulator, will have a long impact on the market.

Support and resistance levels

The nearest resistance level is 1.1383 price – a maximum of trading today.

Support is the price level of 1.1306 – the level of the moving average with
period 55.

trading recommendations

Under these circumstances, necessary to open long positions in
the current price for the purpose at the level of 1.1383 and a protection order at the level of 1.1306.

EURUSD analysis and forecast

Igor Shchukin

Analyst LiteForex Investments Limited

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ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double

ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double

Zigzag which is not redrawn, requires no configuration and reflects the real picture of the market, allows you to watch not only important for trade moments of change of mood of buyers and sellers, but also actively involved on the winning side in the battle for their share of profits. Described indicator consists of two zigzags: main ( indicates the direction of the transaction, and the second ( 12330) allows in small waves of oscillation patterns to find profitable entry and build positions. This is very conducive to the line direction. It is only one, but a role that she reserved, making it very popular. The line is not in the full sense of the support line or resistance, but when it works, it becomes clear its purpose. She, in a sense, moving over the tops of small zigzag and connect them in series with the top of the main zigzag and, conversely, when the main swing is in the cavity, the line slides along the cavities of small zigzag. This gives a unique opportunity to observe the change of direction. In some cases, this line serves as a median line pitchfork.

In addition, it equipped with a zigzag support and resistance levels, allowing you to quickly respond to changing formations. What it provides signals the emergence of new levels, as well as their breakdown. Furthermore it is possible to adjust the degree of sensitivity of the indicator on the support and resistance levels by selecting options for their formation. By default, the first option, it reflects the low sensitivity. To increase it enough to change the version number from 1 to any other.


  • MinBars – calculates the number of bars. By default – 1 000 0 – all bars.
  • InpColor – color line direction of movement;
  • InpStyle – display style;
  • InpWidth – thickness.
  • display_option_res_sup – the option to generate support and resistance levels. Default-1. Any other figure, a variant;
  • arrow – display of levels right price tag. Default – enabled;
  • set_Alert_new_res_sup – new switch setting signal levels of support or resistance. Default – enabled;
  • set_Alert_breakdown_res_sup – inclusion breakdown signal levels of support or resistance. Default – enabled;
  • number_bar_breakdown – bar number on which we celebrate the breakdown of its closing prices. By default – 1.

I appreciate your constructive suggestions and feedback.

ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double

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US SEC has attended to safety of informants sneak

US SEC has attended to the safety of informants, sneak

– Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission
– early check for that, are not subject to
Does it harassed informants
within their corporations. Employees,
that notice within their companies
corporate violations may report
this regulator. The company is unlikely
I feel great joy about it,
and now the SEC
began to fear that her informants
may be subjected to repression and
negative attitudes at work.

the last few weeks, according to
informed sources Wall
Street Journal, SEC sent
letters to a number of companies in which required
to provide certain documents,
which theoretically can show
employees oppression facts. For example,
Sometimes corporations require written
failure employees from profits that
those obtained by “yabednichestva”
(In most cases this financial
remuneration). In this case, disappear
almost all incentives “knock” on
home company but deep feelings
satisfaction. SEC this practice
to expose and stop.

2011 SEC program
reward informants realized
almost 20 times payment is usually not
exceeded $ 1 million. but
One particularly corrosive informant
nayabednichali of 58 million dollars, “surrendering”
their employer – Bank
of America, which
subsequently fined 16.65 billion. Each
year since SEC
thousands of slander, but the real
investigations begin only in small
share of them, because the informant must
report a significant regulator,
accurate and detailed information,
and more desirable to complete the documentary

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Expert GSensor – self-contained automated trading system to the conversion goals and risk, depending on the market volatility and drawdown.

Distinctive features of the robot are:

  • Full automation of the sales process, you only need to configure the initial settings.
  • trading style: momentum swing, trading in a range, averaging.
  • The ability to modify the risk of trade, affecting the profitability of the trade
  • Capital Insurance trader at work and the possibility of returning no results for losing trades.
  • Automatic calculation trading lot size depending on the size of the available resources and the current drawdown (with trade fixed lot).
  • Automatic calculation (recalculation) purposes, depending on the volatility of the market (can be switched off)
  • Automatic calculation of the aggregate position.
  • Automatic calculation trailing stop level (with the possibility of disconnection)
  • Use levels Fibonacci indicators: MA, MACD, Stochastic, ATR, and others. 
  • Several options for exit from the market:

  1.      Closing orders when it reaches the take profit.
  2.      Closing Orders by trailing stop.
  3.      Close orders at a turn in overbought, oversold.

  • Control and protection from the expansion of the spread 
  • Working timeframe M5 

Description of the main expert settings:

  • OpenCloseTrades – EA can be used
    the installation stops and profits mode,
    committing trader manual trading. In this case, the opening and closing of positions only produces
    trader. stops and profits levels are calculated from the values
    Lots and TakeProfit, so that the total profit is equal to the profit one position Lots volume to the size of the profit TakeProfit points. It should be borne in mind that swaps can make a significant error in the result. To enable manual trading mode parameter must be false. They will be “picked up” by the current transaction currency pair.
  • FixedLots – A fixed volume of transactions
  • RiskPercent – level of risk
  • TakeProfit – target level
  • StopLoss – Start-Stop Loss (limit losses when the market reversal)
  • DecreaseFactor – Modifier reduce the volume of transaction after loss
  • IncreaseFactor – The factor of increasing the volume of transaction after loss
  • MaxOrders – Maximum open orders
  • TrailingStop – TreylingStop
  • MaxSpread – The maximum allowable spread for the opening orders
  • Slippage – The maximum allowable slippage
  • MarketWatch – Opening orders for ECN type accounts
  • UseChangeStops – Using a modification of the stop levels and profit
  • FollowPlusSwap – Trade swap in the positive (if any)
  • CloseReverseMode – order closing mode
  • CorrectCloseAll – Correct the gradual closure of all orders 
  • ControlDrawDown – Control and limitation of drawdown
  • PercentDrawDown – Level drawdown to connect trade restrictions
  • FrequencyTrades – The frequency of opening deals
  • AutoChangeTakeProfit – AUTO CHANGEOVER TakeProfit level
  • AutoChangeRiskPercent – AUTO CHANGEOVER level of trade risk
  • AutoChangeTrailingStop – AUTO CHANGEOVER level trailing stop (WarningDividerTS, FineDividerTS, AbsentDividerTS – divisors trailing stop levels depending on the drawdown and volatility)
  • AutoTrailingStopFactor – AUTO CHANGEOVER factor trailing stop level
  • AutoMaxOrders – Automatic change in the number of orders
  • FullAuto – Full Auto Mode  
  • SelectTrendDetector – Selection a method for determining the trend
  • UseTradingHours – Use the time to trade
  • ControlLastActivity – Monitoring activity on the account (temporary elimination of the causes of the lack of activity of the expert for the resumption of activity [useful when using the VPS with the activity requirement for a certain period])


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ADX Plus

ADX Plus

A revolutionary new method of early detection of the beginning of the trend with the popular ADX indicator methods. The new system adapts to the market and eliminates the additional conditions and copes with its task.

When using classical ADX indicator for acknowledgment signal necessary to ADX line crossed certain level 20, 22, 26 and so on. D. It is extremely difficult to choose this level not only for different tools but for different periods of the same graph. Unfortunately, this makes a brilliant ADX is practically useless.

The solution was simple, but conceptual. The new indicator we abandon this level at all. To determine the trend calculated by the new line, which is at the intersection of + DI from the bottom up gives a sell signal, and at the intersection of -DI bottom up gives a buy signal. And the reverse crossing gives a signal for the end of a trend.

In the signal line has a sensitivity setting. The higher the value, the higher the filter market noise with high volatility instruments. The lower the value, the more accurate signal. Recommended values ​​- from 5 to 10 (default 6).

As a bonus, the new display has a choice of display information from any standard timeframe.

  • Timeframe of ADX (0 – current) – timeframe from which data is taken for the indicator
  • ADX period – the period of ADX
  • Applied price (close, open, etc.) – type of price, to which the indicator is applied
  • Sensitivity of signal line – signal line sensitivity (optimally 5-10)
  • Averaging method – a method of smoothing the signal line

ADX Plus

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First transactions on MasterCard cards across

The first transactions on MasterCard cards across the NBTS were successful

The first “five”
Russian banks (Gazprombank, “Russia”
SMP Bank, “Alexander” and MDM Bank)
from January 30, “including” a new channel
processing domestic transactions
of MasterCard cards. These banks have spent the first full-fledged operations through processing
NBTS center.

About the first results of the transition to processing
NBTS reports the Central Bank of the Russian Federation –
through it pass all the calculations
new payment system.

Recall that the connection
NBTS to be completed by 31 March.
In mid-January, the Russian branch
MasterCard signed a contract with the NBTS to transfer
Clearing operations in the country. AT
the end of January of the same intent
said Visa, but still it is not an agreement with

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Positive motivation in trading

Positive motivation in trading

Let’s start with what appeared young trader!

The most common way a novice trader
Advertising: «On FOREXe some millionaires, and lacks only you
!!! “Well, who would refuse from such
zavlekushki? Naturally all run
take their turn to how to join this elite group as soon as possible not very poorest members
society … More: Express training for a couple of weeks
any courses, view multiple video clips and reading diagonally two
books: and both of the psychology of trading, such as Alexander Elder "How to play and win at the stock exchange", And of possible (but not required) that represents the FOREX and for what it is.

Next has been going on is not so much fun as a novice:
necessary to examine the trading platform to its core capabilities and open
a demo account to test the volume of acquired knowledge, and, of course, your intuition, which is constantly whispering:
“Open position – a 100% gain!”

After a while, there is a feeling that here it is – the beginning of a new
life, and it remained one small thing – to open a real account and find the bag more
(Instead of the purse) …

I think many people remember the pleasant moments of their
life … But all good things come to an end has a property
and begins polosochka
a different color, which is why it continues for too long …

It was at that moment my eye caught the other books where the “detail” signs that FOREX – is a scam, and that only 5% of the
100% earn in this market and exclusively at the expense of your made

Rosy picture begins to change color in the gray tones
different colors, and there is not surmountable feeling that you “threw at
grandmother “… and I want to forget this for faster
period of life, like a bad dream.

Here are just now need the right
built positive motivation, that young trader did not give up their new

try to identify the topics that would be supported by the trader in his desire
continue to engage in trading:

  1. slender
    logical Scheme design a trading strategy to make a profit on
    market (combating negative material on FOREX).
  2. examples
    successful trading
    market – targets for growth.
  3. examples
    breakeven trade on FOREX
    Proving the fallacy of reasoning generally accepted on this subject (
    opening new prospects for improving skills).
  4. long-term objectives in trading, for which it is desirable to pay attention.
  5. ….

You can try to continue this list, and for each item
offer information to motivate the trader in his future work.

P.S. One possible motivation options trader:

according to claim 1 –

according to claim 2 – Signal Analysis

according to claim 3 –

according to claim 4 –

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History orders Visual Demo

History orders Visual Demo

This demo version displays data only 10 orders on the story.

The paid version can be found here:

Useful and interesting little script for trading in Forex.

Used to display the history of orders and trading history of one character.

Double-clicking on it immediately play back the whole history of orders for current symbol graphics.

graphic elements

Space opening and closing orders are shown by arrows.

When the mouse pointer on the displayed transaction flag properties comprising:

Symbol order, ticket, order type, the order position (time and price at opening and closing), the volume of transactions.

Mark lines stop-loss orders to

When you hover the mouse pointer over the mark will display the price of a stop loss.

The line between the points of the opening and closing orders.

A simple click on the graph to visualize complex records
history of orders. This simplifies the review, analysis and synthesis of historical

This script is a switch. When restarting it
immediately remove all your own graphics (but will not remove other
objects on the chart).

The script can be used on any forex charts currency (except
binary options); at any time, you can open and close the
monitor the history of your trade.

The script does not require any external parameters. Click on the script,
after which it will be immediately executed; confirmation dialog box appears
will not be.

History orders Visual Demo

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Investors warn carefully oil will soon fall in

Investors warn: carefully, the oil will soon fall in price again!

continue to believe that the decline
US production broke the
multimonthly oil path down. But how
time analysts warned at the time,
that it is too early to rejoice. This indirectly
confirmed by the fact that, having reached
Today the peak of 57.05 dollars, Brent again
I began to decline. At the time of 15.56 MSK
March futures worth 56.27 dollars.
WTI is trading at around
$ 50.89.

Gareth Lewis-Davies,
an analyst at BNP Paribas, says,
that encourage American investors
to reduce the number of employees data
rig on US
shales. But at the same time, he drew
inquisitive investor attention to the fact that
between conservation rigs
and decreased production of passes in the middle
up to nine months, and it is not the oil rally
It has deep fundamental reasons.
There is still a situation where
global supply still exceeds
demand and crude oil inventories continue
accumulate and will continue to grow
for some time.

“People are trying to
catch a falling knife “, – says Mr.
Lewis-Davies. – “Investors are trying to
buy on the slide, afraid to miss

The same point
view shared by analysts of RBC
Capital Markets. In their opinion,
prices could fall steadily
Only in the second quarter, if it becomes
clearly understood that formed stable
slowdown in oil supplies from countries outside
OPEC. After all, she flatly OPEC
refuses to reduce its production
and tries to squeeze competitors’ market.

RBS is also not experiencing
no illusions, and lowered its forecast
Brent cost up to $ 57
per barrel (from $ 71). WTI is rewarded
reducing to $ 53 (from $ 65).

Now the market
waiting for the inventory data on oil stocks
in America. some investors
suggest that the second row
weekly increase in US inventories
adjust the sharp rise in the last

We can not fail to take into account the fact
that inventories of oil have not
only in the US but also in other countries. Part
It is preserved in marine tankers
part – in storage. Societe
Generale estimates that global
build oil reserves in 2008-2009
It was 210 million barrels, and in 2014
It increased to 265 million barrels.

However, investors
take into consideration the reduction of costs and
falling profits in the largest oil
companies – and this is a factor which
ultimately should lead to a reduction in
oil level.

BP Plc today
It became the first of the largest oil
companies in the world, which reported a
loss for the IV quarter and
It said it plans to reduce
investment in exploration and
postpone a number of projects.

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Another floating currency will be hryvnia National

Another floating currency will be the hryvnia – the National Bank of Ukraine raises

National Bank
Ukraine 6 February raises key
the discount rate by 5.5 percentage points and actually
let the hryvnia in the “free floating”
t. To. The stop control
currency rate fixing. Ukrainian
regulator went to these measures on the recommendation of
The International Monetary Fund.

The key rate in the country
It amounts to 19.5% from Friday (today – 14%), according to the
a statement of the National Bank of Ukraine. regulator
also cancels the daily exchange
auctions. According to the head of the National Bank
Valeriy Gontareva regulator
retain some administrative
measures, including mandatory sale
foreign exporters and revenue
restrictions on individual currency purchases.

The foreign exchange market is still
It is in “panic”
– Gontareva told reporters today.
International reserves of Ukraine today
at the lowest level in 11 years. In past
year, the hryvnia exchange rate has shown the maximum
decline against the dollar – the national currency
fell by 48%, Bloomberg reported.

Now in Kyiv works
IMF mission. government of Ukraine
hopes for financial assistance plus
the $ 17 billion, which contributed to the country
in the past year. On Tuesday, the Minister
Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko
He said that the country needed an additional $ 15

At 14:13 MSK on the pair USD / UAH trading at 16.4755.

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