Figure of day what employers are willing to pay

Figure of the day: what employers are willing to pay a salary to graduates?

The maximum salary that Russian employers are willing to pay graduates, is 39 400 rubles., Follows from the research personnel Unity Agency. At such remuneration can expect engineers. The lowest salary of employers willing to offer lawyers without experience.

Unity Recruitment Agency to analyze the situation with vacancies for young professionals without experience. It was found that in the market there is an imbalance between the employers’ proposals and requests graduates.
Particularly large gap between expectations and reality is observed in the sectors where the amount exceeds the number of vacancies resume.

Thus, the average expected salary of young lawyers is 33 400 rubles., Whereas employers are willing to pay a total of 25 600 rubles. In this case, for one vacancy falls 2.6 CV.

In the field of media, where CV is 1.5 times more than the vacancies, the candidates requests modest. Expected salary is 36 300 rubles, employers offer -. 31 400 rubles.

The demand for graduates of financial majors too low – for each vacancy for about 2.5 CV. Nevertheless, their expectations are high. At the suggestion of 35 800 rubles. the average level of requests for 2000 rubles. more. However, applicants requests exceed 45% average border, the maximum (usually voiced their youth) reach up to 100 000 rubles.

Maximum salary Russian companies are ready to pay the engineers – 39 400 rubles. Themselves Applicants are willing to accept 38 200 rubles. Although this group also meet applicants hoping for 100 000 rubles. Applicants whose requests are much different from the average, only 13%. In this case, one of the employer has to offer just 1.2 CV.

Excessive demands of young people leads to the fact that employers refuse from the idea of ​​hiring a “cheap”, and newbies opt for a more experienced expert, says the head of department on work with clients Recruitment Unity Olga Goryunov.

Excessive expectations of graduates due to the peculiarities generation «Y», which is now actively entering the market. Ambitious «Y» are ready to defend their expectations. Even those who are now agreed on the modest amounts, are hoping that a year from their earnings will rise seriously.

However, according to study, only 20-30% increases in most companies, the salary of new employees in the first year of operation. And only in the new sectors (management and economics, IT and telecommunications) have the enterprise, where the growth in certain specialties may be 60%, 70%, 80%, 100%

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Reports on inflation in US dollar is shaken

Reports on inflation in the US dollar is shaken

On Friday evening, after
the opening of trading on the American markets
the dollar got a little “kick” down,
when they left the inflation data in the US –
last month the index of consumer
US prices fell by 0.4%, as analysts have been waiting for.

The pair USD / CHF to 18:28 MSK on
increased by 1.98% – up to 0.8576 from yesterday
lows at 0.7360. EUR / CHF rose
1.02% – up to 0.9877 low at 0.8204.

At this time, the pair EUR / USD
It fell by 1.01% – up to 1.1513, approaching again
to new lows.

Dollar continues
rising against the yen, with USD / JPY rising on
1.23% – to 117.60, and the GBP / USD pair fell
0.42% – to the level of 1.5119.

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American premarket everything grows thanks Alibaba

American premarket: everything grows, thanks, Alibaba!

Today futures
on US stocks are growing steadily
up: investors are eager to see,
Will the record rally on Wall Street.
The focus of market participants –
Of course, Alibaba, which
yesterday one hour earned more than 2 billion

Futures on the DJIA
increased by 0.13% and S P 500
– gained 0.17%; and the Nasdaq itself
God told him to grow and grow, the result – + 0.21%.

volatility index
at the same time it fell to its very low
level in 7 weeks.

on the volumes
today’s trading on Wall Street, which
start now one and a half hours,
may adversely affect the fact that
America celebrated Veterans Day. AT
While the stock market is
a typical day, the bond markets and
government agencies will
are closed, which means that new data
Investors will not come as much
the same as in ordinary days.

interest in
Investors will also cause the situation
the dollar: it is now updated seven years
high against the yen and it seems that
not going to stop.

Alibaba shares have already risen by
4.01% – even after the actions have already
earn $ 2 billion last all
only an hour.

shares of Juniper
Networks have all chances to fall: on
premarket before the opening of trading they
already lost 1.87%. The fact that the company
now there is a change of leadership
under strange circumstances.

manufacturer of mobile cameras,
blew up the market in the summer, GoPro,
It shows its overvaluation and
today premarket has lost 4.19%
(Announcing the offer of secondary
shares for $ 800 million).

traded in
US shares of British Telecommunications
Giant Vodafone PLC added
as much as 6.09% before the start of trading, after
the company reported a serious
growth at the expense of key European

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Putin promises to sell more oil in yuan and rubles

Putin promises to sell more oil in yuan and rubles

Vladimir Putin will not
go on about "dollar dictatorship"
on world oil markets, according to Forbes
on Sunday.

"We are moving away from dictatorship
market, where oil is priced in dollars
and increase the possibility of using
ruble and the yuan", – Putin said in an interview

Recall recently Russia
signed a series of agreements with China in
the official visit of the President
China Xi Jinping. Both countries also
combine their stock markets to
conduct operations in rubles and yuan.

Russia desperately tried
to persuade the Chinese to his side,
Swinging” richness oil and gas,
as a golden carrot in front of the eyes
“Hungry” in terms of China’s energy. Yes,
the country’s largest oil market and
gas in Europe, although the EU is trying to
diversify it from Russia.
Russia’s natural reserves are
More than 30% of the supply of foreign
gas to the EU. Perhaps Europe is one
day turn to the US for
gas, even if it takes a lot of time,
yet will establish the necessary infrastructure
for imports of US liquefied natural

For achievement
Putin intends to political goals
embody the idea of ​​pricing Russian
oil in another currency, not in
dollars. This shows that
Russia has an alternative.

In his speech at
APEC summit in Beijing last week,
Putin said that the use of the ruble
and the yuan weaken the influence of the dollar on the world
energy market. these proposals
It was made before Iran announced
that wants to begin to assess its oil
In Euro. Most countries in the world oil
trade resource estimate in dollars
and the euro, and not only in dollars. But at the
same time, China is a major
oil consumer, and its currency is not yet
internationalized. only a few
niche markets for goods and services
set prices in yuan instead

Putin also said
During the APEC summit, Russia and China
discuss the use of own
currencies in bilateral trade, though
energy really yet rated
only in dollars even when trading
between the two countries.

yuan diversification makes sense, Russia
It would be wise to keep the euro zone in
as a trading partner. Despite
on the division of the borders with China, Russia
have close cultural and trade ties
with Europe. And China, in spite of the ocean,
It has more trade and cultural
Relations with the United States.

Thus, for
haters of the dollar, the price of oil in
Russian ruble or the yuan will have
very little impact on the future
US currency.

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Asian markets closed Tuesday mostly positive

Asian markets closed Tuesday mostly positive

in the Asia-Pacific region on Tuesday ended
mixed. The composite index MSCI
Asia Pacific grew by 0.2%. Nikkei
225 added 2,1%, Hang Seng increased
to 0,3%, KOSPI strengthened by 0.2%.
Australian index S P / ASX gone
in the negative, and then only in very minor
– at 0,1%, Shanghai Composite lost
0.2% in the quarterly reports of failed
some companies.

Japanese stock market was fairly
spur yen weakening and
makrostatistikoy (surplus
the current account). Another important incentive
– Shinzo Abe is likely to postpone
increase in the consumption tax, plus
moreover in this regard may be declared
early parliamentary elections.

individual companies worth mentioning
Korean cosmetics company Amorepacific
Corp, which demonstrated
strong quarterly reports and
It added just 8.9%. The Japanese manufacturer
Yakult Honsha Co drinks added
5.6%. Traditionally grown in the fall of the yen
and Japanese exporters (Sony
Corp + 0,4%, Toyota Motor Corp + 1,5%).

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Price Frequency

price Frequency

The main objective of this indicator – to find support and resistance levels using a frequency of occurrence of a certain level of prices. The indicator will show the frequency of the price on the right side of the graph. The lowest frequency, most likely, will be the level of support / resistance, and overcoming of this level – breakdown.

Note: Make sure that the graphics are offset activated.

Price Frequency

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Hedge and Rebate

Hedge and Rebate

Advisor is Hager, activity leads to the pairs EURUSD, USDCHF.

The goal advisor earnings on commission, rather to say of Rebate System (1.5 points of spread).

Because of the lack of opportunity to check the advisor through the tester, set in the Comments monitor accounts on which the adviser works.

Depending on the fluctuations in the data disparities couples counselor a decision on the opening of an additional series of transactions.

When released into the plus zone begins closing of all transactions.

In the right corner there is information:

  • open lots – the number of open transactions;
  • ofice rebate – profit rebeyt system;
  • Balance – Profit on current transactions excluding commission rebeyt system.

Input parameters:

  • Hall – the difference in the passage of currency pairs data
  • grow_lots – increasing progression lot if necessary (arithmetic or geometric) 
  • grow_type – kind of progression 
  • grow_index- magnification factor if necessary Lot

Monitoring Adviser:

Hedge and Rebate


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Trading for Counter and PA_Levels

Trading for Counter and PA_Levels

I turned up a great chance to demonstrate the possibility of my advisors.

The Euro-dollar, 15-minute chart.

To analyze the advantage counselor Price Action Trader. Its peculiarity is that it shows the level with a given risk-earnings ratio. If you put only one order, the opening price will be on the dotted line, and StopLoss immediately behind the level abroad. Take Profit is set at the opposite level of the same timeframe. Trading for Counter and PA_Levels

In this situation, the order is placed against the day, 4-hour and hour trend. But the price at the time was near the Day level, which is the minimum from August 2012. In this case, touch this price level was not (it shows a bright color levels).

Therefore, another advantage of his adviser Counter. It allows you to set the number of orders at the right level, at the same time he will calculate the lot. on the basis of risk.

Since the day I showed a significant level (it is old and there was no touch). I assumed that the price of it, though not for a long time but should rebound. Because the trend is clearly down, I did not expect to buy dolgosrok. The result was what you see in the picture above. StopLoss for meaningful day level, TakeProfit of a contrast to the prior, and the opening price on the borders of the 4-hour and hourly levels.

Here’s what happened next.

Trading for Counter and PA_Levels

It looks like it was some kind of news. 3 otlozhki worked through the remaining two hours worked and the price went up. On the picture above price is in the area where the adviser did not find significant levels, so the position did not close.

Trading for Counter and PA_Levels Closed manually, as the price is not reached TakeProfit few points.

In my opinion, a remarkable result.

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Brent climbs almost $ 80 per barrel

Brent climbs: almost $ 80 per barrel

the dollar weakened slightly, there was a rumor
possible changes in the attitudes
OPEC countries, and these factors have served
shaky ground to ensure that the oil
gradually rose
up. Brent crude oil at 15.05 MSK
worth 79.23 dollars a barrel on the ICE
(January futures), WTI
(At NYMEX) reached
to 75.82 dollars per barrel.

to what extent
stable will this driver –
unclear. At the moment, investors
trying to figure out whether the International dare
the oil cartel to decrease quotas
production or continue to “cool price
war “with other suppliers. On the one
hand, the low price of oil is not very
beneficial its main exporters. FROM
on the other hand, if oil is expensive
– it will give additional impetus to the
expand the “shale revolution”
in the US, and even the ruble will strengthen.

known that Venezuela and Ecuador will
insist on reducing production threshold
(In this case Venezuela held formal
talks with Russia at the ministerial level
Energy and Foreign Affairs). Saudi
Arabia, Iraq and Libya to reduce the production,
It did not seem to gather. Who would win –
it is easy to predict: today
moment of Saudi Arabia – the main
largest exporter of black gold. But
miracles happen – and next week
it becomes clear how often.

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Scalp Tools Support and Resistance Levels

Scalp Tools Support and Resistance Levels

A handy tool for the analysis of important price levels in the market. Calculates support and resistance levels, and automatically saves all important settings for each symbol and timeframe! Very easy to use thanks to the graphical interface! Details are shown in the YouTube-video in HD-quality.

Please do not click “Download Trial” button! This tool does not work on a stand-alone graphics / strategy tester! Available product demo (works only on USDCAD): Scalp Tools Support And Resistance Levels

This utility does not work in the strategy tester!


  • SRLinesWidth – line thickness
  • SRLinesColorM1 SRLinesColorMN1: Color lines corresponding timeframes
  • AutoSaveType
    • SAVE_PERIODS_AND_SYMBOLS: All the settings for each symbol period and are stored separately
    • SAVE_ONLY_PERIODS: Saves the settings separately timeframe
  • IncreaseDecreaseFont – change only in the case of display problems (too large or small font)


  • M1 – MN1: Enables / disables the timeframes.
  • High / Low distance: Minimum distance between the maximum and minimum
  • Min pips diff: The minimum distance between two lines
  • Analyze bars: The number of bars for the calculation.


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