Emerging markets meet new 1998

Emerging markets meet the new 1998

markets end the year in a free
fall. From Russia to Venezuela,
Thailand to Brazil collapsing shares,
bonds and currencies. Russian ruble
quickly ran down, breaking
threshold of 64 dollars and 82 euros. National
regulator night inflated interest
rate by 6.5 points at once. Venezuelan
national bonds fell in price
less than 40 cents, but the stock of Thailand index
yesterday showed the most dynamic drop
for 11 months. corporate debt
Brazilian market threatened collapse due
State oil supplier,
Petroleo Brasiliero SA.

All this causes
very familiar feeling: something
already in 1998, when oil fell,
and raw materials exporters – Russia and Venezuela
– slipped into a financial crisis.

Since then,
emerging markets, much has changed:
countries have accumulated large foreign
reserves and work more flexible exchange
courses. However, signs of infection
apply. Last week
investors pulled more than 2.5 billion dollars
American stock exchange index
Funds, which work with the shares and
emerging market bonds. it
the largest outflow since January, when
Financial investors and scared
political instability in various
countries from Argentina to Turkey.

“We have moved in
Elimination mode, “- Peter says
Lennigan, an analyst at Emerging Markets
at CRT Capital Group LLC in Stamford.
– “We are at a point where people get rid and
from winners and losers from the market “.

tracking 20 emerging currencies
markets fell today to more than
a ten-year minimum. he undermined
falling oil prices and slowed
growth in China. The Turkish lira has updated
historical lows, Indonesian
Rupee fell to the lowest level
that same 1998.

index of emerging
MSCI markets fell today
for the seventh consecutive day. The depth of the fall
It has already reached 8%, but the volatility index
these same markets jumped to the
High-October level. Index
Russian shares, RTS, plummeted yesterday
10% – is the maximum since the annexation

In Venezuela, there are
All indications are that the collapse in oil prices,
strongly supported and blown
OPEC, will lead to a national default.
It is possible that the country will not be able
fulfill its obligations under
dollar bonds.

In the next
Brazilian oil producer Petrobras,
the largest international borrower
in developing countries over the past
five years, has reduced the price of its shares up
a record level. It happened after
the company delayed release
its financial results for the third
quarter – for the third time. is
investigation an unprecedented level
Money Laundering through the company, Brazil
It is under the yoke of corruption
scandal that has spread
virtually every major firm in
which has a joint business with Petrobras.

investors in
emerging markets still lose
more, if the oil price will go
down further and the Fed clearly point to the fact
that the American regulator rate
grow up sooner than expected.

the number of investment strategies
was based on the fact that the interest
the rate will remain low for a long
time, and the high price of oil, “- says
Maykl Rosh, strategist Seaport Group
LLC. – “It is a matter of concern.”

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MultiOsc Trend Flat Detector

MultiOsc Trend Flat Detector

The indicator analyzes the effect of price movements over a given period by means of a built-in oscillator with the possibility of additional smoothing values ​​using the moving average (26 species) and conditional displays current state of the market: the trend is up, flat or downward trend.


  • OscMode – used built oscillator
  • PeriodOsc – calculating the period of the oscillator
  • PriceOsc – the price used to calculate the values ​​of the oscillator
  • PeriodSm – smoothing period results
  • ModeSm – antialiasing mode
  • UseIntegratedTrendFlatLevels – to true it means the use of built-in level of trend / flat, otherwise the value of the settings will be used below
  • TrendLevelUp – level trend start up
  • TrendLevelDn – the level of the beginning of the downward trend
  • FlatLevelUp – level transition trend upwards into flat
  • FlatLevelDn – level transition trend downward to flat
  • Precision – the accuracy of the calculations (number of digits after the decimal point)

MultiOsc Trend Flat Detector

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Completely renovated in MetaTrader 5 for Android

Completely renovated in the MetaTrader 5 for Android: held redesign, add a glass of price tick chart and financial news (VIDEO)

Trading in MetaTrader 5 from your Android-device was
even more convenient and enjoyable. In the latest build of the application received a new look, is entirely consistent with the guideline Google Style Guide, – our designers
significantly upgrade the program.

Completely renovated in MetaTrader 5 for Android

However, we have worked not only on the envelope,
but also on the content: you are now available new opportunities for approximating
application functionality to the desktop version:

  • Added support for glass prices. The option is available for
    characters that are traded in the stock exchange during runtime.

  • tick chart is now available trade transactions.
  • added
    the system log, which records information on all events during
    of the terminal, including sophisticated trading.

  • Became available to financial news. Without leaving
    terminal, you can quickly read all the important messages about the situation in the markets and
    keep abreast. News editors are selected on the basis of "only
    really useful for trading information, no debris, no advertisements".

In addition, in the new build, appeared timeframes
W1 (one week) and MN (month), localization in Greek and was conducted
Portuguese and added sound trading. Of course, errors of previous versions were corrected.

"Mobile" in relation to the MetaTrader 5 Android is now not
so "pared down" – the application was close to the possibilities
desktop version. Download the latest build, and evaluate all these innovations themselves –
application evaluation button is now in the tab "About" and also looks
in a new way.

Note: Support for devices with older versions of the operating system
Android (4.0 or later) is stopped,
but previous build of the MetaTrader 5 Android is not removed and remains
available for download from Google Play or on the official website in the MetaTrader 5.

The same dramatic changes soon and await
MetaTrader 4 Android – release should be out within the next month.
Follow our news.


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Euro go ahead German unemployment at record low

Euro, go ahead! German unemployment at a record low in 20 years

Today published
reports on the number of unemployed in Germany.
According to this report, the number is not
having a job has decreased this month
14 thousand -. to 2.87 million people. About it
According to the Federal Agency for
German employment. analysts
expected reduction in the number
unemployed only 1 thousand.

Now, according to
revised data, in October,
of unemployed in Germany decreased by
23 ths., Instead of 22 thousand., Has been reported to
this. Unemployment same was 6.6%, and
it’s a record low for the past
Twenty years!

In November, unemployment
Germany also remains at
6.6%, while the market waited for the conservation level
September – 6.7% (this was March and
September). The German economy returned
to an increase in the III quarter,
and improved performance of the business
and consumer confidence in November.
But the Bundesbank is not yet sure
Recovery will continue until the end of the year
in the same quiet rhythm.

Recovery in Germany resumes
in the coming months, as low
unemployment and a weak euro supported
consumer spending and exports".
– says a senior economist at Capital
Economics Jennifer McCune.

The euro was little
support after this report, however,
while the pair EUR / USD keeps
negative movement – now!
It is trading at 1.2475, a decline of

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Belgium paralyzed social protests

Belgium paralyzed social protests

One of the most
calm European paralyzed
nationwide strike. Unions
Belgium recommended to fellow citizens sit
at home or join the public
shares. In all regions of the country are blocked
strike or civil service (education institutions,
health centers, administrative
service, public services). paralyzed
transport operations – did not come to Pilot
buses, trams, metro, do not ride the train
across the country (including Belgian
segments international rail
lines), completely blocked air
space of the country. Canceled all flights
to / from Brussels and Charleroi.

The reason for the protest
– austerity that
introduced in the country by the new government.
It is planned to cut back on a number of social
benefits by reducing grants. increase
retirement age and total growth
prices for all – also the subject of the perturbation union leaders. Also strikers demand
increase on large capital tax.

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Indicator SpreadInfo It displays synthetic tool movement, which consists of several basic tools.

The concept is very simple. Drawn synthetic tool, a simple formula which describes (parameter spread indicator).

Indicator builds a graph of the synthetic tool, and based on this graph builds regression channel (see. Screenshots).


  • Make sure that all currency pairs are as defined in formula indicator, present in the “Market Watch” window.
  • Ensure that all pairs of quotes selected timeframe loaded.
  • drag the indicator SpreadInfo from the navigator at the chart and set the input parameters to your liking.


  • Indicator resource-intensive, so the option is added barsCalculate. It is recommended to set its value to 4000.
  • trading style – depending on your strategy, can be used for the breakdown of the regression channel or on the rebound.

input variables

  • spread – actually “formula” describing himself synthetics, takes values ​​in the formula ([-EURUSD {0.02}] [- GBPUSD {0.09}] [+ NZDUSD {1.02}] .. [+ AUDUSD {0.03}]), where (+ | -) is (BUY | SELL) symbol {item}
  • postfix – for characters that have a “tail”, for example EURUSD.m, you must specify this parameter .m
  • cDegree – regression channel curvature
  • cWidth – regression channel width
  • rcDaysBack – the number of days to build a regression channel
  • cSmooth – smoothing synthetic graphics
  • showComment – Comments on the chart, such as the spread, required collateral, Swap
  • startFrom – date / time of the origin of synthetics
  • barsCalculate – the number of bars for the calculation.


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The expert uses a standard and popular indicators Parabolic Stop and Reverse system and the Average Directional Movement
Index. The expert can be used for any currency instrument
and for any time period.

It is possible to include a trailing stop trading with
fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit, include automatic closing of positions
when a strategy signals switched on and off separately purchase and
Sale, filtering strategy signals the other two timeframes.

Input parameters

  • TimeFrame – timeframe by which formed
    strategy signals.
  • FlagBuy – if true, is included for the purchase of automated trading.
  • FlagSell – if true, activated
    Autotrading for sale.
  • TrailingBuy – if true, activated
    trailing stop on an order to buy. Step trailing stop is adjusted TrailingBuyStop parameter.
  • TrailingSell – if true, activated
    trailing stop on an order to sell. Step trailing stop is adjusted TrailingSellStop parameter.
  • CloseBuy – if true, activated
    automatic closing of a position to buy the appearance of negative signals
  • CloseSell – if true, activated
    automatic closing of short positions when a negative signal
  • FilterTimeFrameBuy – if true, activated
    signal filtering strategy for the purchase of two other signals timeframes. periods
    the other two timeframes determined by the parameters FilterTimeFrameOne and FilterTimeFrameTwo.
  • FilterTimeFrameSell – if true, activated
    Signal Filtering strategy on sell signals of the other two timeframes. periods
    the other two timeframes determined by the parameters FilterTimeFrameOne and FilterTimeFrameTwo.
  • StopLossBuy – Stop Loss orders to buy.
  • ProfitBuy
    Take Profit orders to purchase.
  • StopLossSell – Stop Loss orders to sell.
  • ProfitSell – Take Profit orders for sale.
  • TrailingBuyStop– move the trailing stop on an order to buy.
  • TrailingSellStop – move the trailing stop on an order to sell.
  • FilterTimeFrameOne – period of the first filter timeframe.
  • FilterTimeFrameTwo – period of the second filter timeframe.
  • sar_step – step indicator PSAR.                 
  • sar_maximum – maximum step indicator PSAR.
  • sar_speed – speed threshold
    indicator PSAR, after
    he will be considered as a damped.
  • ma_period – period MA, in relation to which
    measured attenuation PSAR.
  • adx_period – period ADX.

The default settings are exposed to trade the pair EURUSD, with the trade
It carried out at 30 minute chart.


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Elder MACD Combo

Elder MACD Combo

Histogram MACD monitors the difference between the reference and signal lines MACD (first computed using an exponential moving average). For a better display in the derivation of lines and histograms in one window, the histogram values ​​are multiplied by 2. In addition, the rising and falling of the histogram bars are displayed in different colors.

In the indicator MACD Combo implemented jointly display the MACD line and the MACD histogram. With one parameter, you can change the parameters for calculating both indicators.


  • MACD_Short_Length (12) – Quick EMA MACD period for calculation;
  • MACD_Long_Length (26) – slow EMA for the MACD calculation period;
  • MACD_Smoothing_Length (9) – smoothing period MACD signal line;
  • Time_Ratio (1) – usually equal to 1 when displaying the MACD chart timeframe. On the other hand, if you analyze the daily chart, and want to see the weekly MACD, set this value to 5 for the multiplication of all the parameters to 5;
  • Display_Factor (2) – scale factor.

Elder MACD Combo

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Ding Dong Multi Trader

Ding Dong Multi Trader

Counselor Ding Dong Multi Trader is designed specifically for users who do not want to understand the complicated settings. Advisor does not need to optimize and ready to work.

Employment counselor Ding Dong Multi Trader is based on a trend-following. Upon detection of a trend adviser opens a position. If the market goes in the opposite direction, but the conditions for the trend remain, the adviser continues to open transactions in the same direction.

Advisor calculates and sets the levels TakeProfit and StopLoss for each order on the basis of statistical analysis. Orders are closed or to achieve the level of TakeProfit, or in the case of the opposite trend in the level StopLoss.


  • Fast transaction – the maximum retention time of the transaction does not exceed one week.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supported pair and timeframes: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, EURGBP, NZDUSD, EURAUD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, USDCAD, AUDCAD, EURCAD and XAUUSD on timeframes M15, M30, H1 and H4.


  • MagicNumber – the magic number of transactions.
  • Slippage – the maximum allowable slippage.
  • SpreadLimit – the maximum allowable spread for trading.
  • Lots – the lot size of the base for opening transactions (note that EA can increase the lot size when trading).
  • Risk – adjustment to the transaction risk.

Ding Dong Multi Trader


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The outlook on the pair USDRUB, as I wrote here, and correction materialize. This is evident from the history of the chart)))

Next, I think that the ruble will reach 55-60 rubles per dollar.

Then come, most likely, any prolonged bearish trend correction)

Russian government needs to say a big thanks to its resources and the ensuing winter, which I predict will be very cold.

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